FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A:TIPRC follows NTU Library regulations, which states that readers below 18 could not enter the library. Exception is that they apply for guided tour and are led by adults or school teachers.


A:Since TIPRC is a special library, materials are not for circulation in order to ensure the right of every reader and to avoid loss of items.


A:Readers who enter the library are required to fill in the registration form and exchange their valid identity documents (with identical photo) for TIPRC’s library card.


A:TIPRC provides wireless internet services. All guests could ask for this service at the information desk, and they will receive a set of account and password for logging in NTU’s wireless internet system.


A:Two photography copy machines are available near the search areas and reading areas. To use this service, readers need to buy a pre-paid copy card at Copy Center located in the basement of NTU Library.


A:The reading seats in TIPRC are mainly reserved for readers using TIPRC’s collections. NTU library study hall is available for readers who want to study.


A:If the visitors take pictures not for personal usage, they should consult the staff at the information desk to fill out an application form stating the purpose, time and specific locations of their photo-taking.


A:If readers want to use audio-visual materials, they should first find out the material they want and borrow the material with their Library Card at information desk. After that they are free to use the material at the audio-visual seat.


A:Multimedia materials can only be viewed with TIPRC’s audio-visual facilities. Likewise, TIPRC’s audio-visual facilities can only be used to play TIPRC’s multimedia collections.


A:TIPRC’s multimedia area provides seat and computer for individual access to interactive CD-ROMs.


A:TIPRC has search areas for users to look up library collections. Users can also access NTU Library’s collection as well.


A:Nearly all indigenous collections in NTU library can be found within TIPRC, except for some very old materials in need of better preservation condition that are kept by the NTU Library. Readers are encouraged to use TIPRC’s library card to access the collection of NTU Library.


A:If readers have urgent need of the collections that are still in the cataloguing process, readers can submit the request for “urgent cataloging” by informing the staff at information desk. The cataloging process will take two weeks.


A:Fragile books published more than decades ago are stored in the moisture-proof cabinet. Readers can consult the staff at the information desk in order to use these materials.


A:TIPRC accepts book donations that are indigenous theme-based. These books are sorted, listed and screened to see if there are already copies in the center or are deemed irrelevant. Our staff will organize the books and donate them to indigenous communities that are in need of reading resources.


A:Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center collects physical and digital resources including indigenous publications multimedia resources and databases. Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples Portal have been set up by TIPRC to provide online information such as News, Upcoming Events, Government Subsidy, Research Papers, Websites and Introduction to Indigenous Groups. All the resources on TIPP are categorized by topics as well, so users can browse the information thematically.


A:After entering the NTU main gate, the road visitors will be facing is Palm Boulevard. Go straight till the end of the boulevard, the first building visitors will arrive is NTU Library. Go down the stair on the left side of the building, TIPRC is right on the corner of the plaza, right next to the NTU Press.

 There are three ways to get to NTU main campus by public transportation :

1. By MRT : Take Xindian line (green line) heading for Xindian and get off at Gongguan Station. Exit from exit 2 or.3 to reach NTU campus.

2. By car : Visitors can drive their car onto the NTU campus and the parking fee is NT$30 per 30 minutes (free within 30 minutes). The parking lot at Xinsheng South Road (near NTU New Moon Pavilion) is NT$20 per 30 minutes.

3. By bus :

• Get down at NTU Information Building: Bus no.298 or 949 (Xinhai Road)

• Get down at Long-An Elementary School/Civil Service Development Institute: Bus no. 0 South, 109, 1501, 1505, 207, 253, 280, 280 (direct), 284, 311, 505, 52, 643, 668, 671, 675, 676, 688, 907 or Songjiang Xinsheng Route (Xinsheng South Road).

• Get down at National Taiwan University: Bus no. 0 South, 109, 1501, 1505, 207, 208, 236, 251, 253, 280, 280 (direct), 284, 311, 505, 52, 530, 643, 668, 671, 675, 676, 688, 907 or Songjiang Xinsheng Route, Brown 11, Green 11 (Xinsheng South Road).

• Get down at MRT Gongguan Station:Bus no. 0 south, 1, 109, 207, 208, 236, 251, 252, 253, 254, 278, 280, 284, 311, 505, 52, 530, 606, 643, 644, 648, 660, 668, 671, 672,673, 675, 676, 688, 907, Fuxing Route, Songjiang Route, Brown 11, Brown 12, Brown 22, Green 11 (Roosevelt Road).